VIKINGS and ELLISON is committed to pursue quality excellence in all aspects of our business and rely on our quality management system to attain the following objectives;

  • To achieve and sustain the quality of product and service to continually meet our clients needs
  • To provide customer satisfaction with our product and service and continual improvement or our quality management system.

Quality Assurance certification was achieved in 1996 & VEL has maintained its obligation to adhere to its QA guidelines and strives for continual improvement in business activities and products. Our Quality Management system is in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

This system encompasses all facets of operation to ensure policies and procedures are established and reviewed for suitability and effectiveness.

Our Employees support this policy by ensuring all work is of high quality and in accordance with specified requirements. Our staff are trained to conduct regular audits and ensure all compliances are met and this ensures our products perform to the highest standards expected by our clients.

Our safety policies and procedures are regularly monitored and maintained. We also consider safety in our choices of components and build methods.